With the added incentive to work from home, it’s a great idea to start finding ways we can make money as writers online. In the age of information making money from your writing has never been quite as straightforward as it is right now. Well, I say straightforward, there are hundreds of options to choose from! But fear not! I’ve tried to boil down to five pretty simple options which we can all start today, regardless of our circumstances. Whatever you’re interested in, whether that be fiction writing, blogging or perhaps journalism there are options for everyone. 


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Medium, similar to WordPress, it allows you to publish content either via your own publication or through pre-existing publications that users have already created. Medium is exactly what it says on the tin: a medium. A way for writers to create and share content about anything they like, it’s almost like a blogging platform, with everything from Pokémon facts to industry statistics and politics. The interesting thing about Medium is that you’re not paid through ads. Through Medium’s partner programme you can actually get paid through readers and traffic! Due to the paywall, Medium actually pays its writers when subscribing members read their content, engage with it and share it. If you’re a blogger or journalist looking to get your name out there and earn a bit of money at the same time I couldn’t recommend Medium more it’s a great way to make money and build a following.     


Businesses, stores and entrepreneurs need writers too. Copywriting is the industry of creating content which draws traffic to a businesses product, service or website. Usually consisting of writing ads, product description and web page content, copywriting is a service that provides businesses with great content and writers with great income. By utilising keywords and SEO skills you could create some great content for a business or franchise. Starting up your own copywriting business can provide you with huge amounts of income in the long run once you’ve built a reputation and generated some buzz, however there are also some quicker ways of generating a bit of cash. Websites like Copify, People Per Hour and Fiver are all places freelancers can go to provide their services for a fee. If you’ve got experience with online marketing you could be a natural at this.     

Freelance Magazine Journalism

Unfortunately, the good old newsroom is a tradition which seems to be slipping away. I like the idea of hundreds of journalists typing away like crazy smoking an unhealthy amount of cigarettes… I’m not sure why, maybe I’ve seen too many old films! With that being said, journalism and communications is an industry which, although changing, is very much alive. Pitching article ideas to publications or websites is a great way to try and score some work online. If you manage to score an article opportunity for a big publication you can start building up a mean looking portfolio which can secure a career in online journalism. Blogs are also great pitching material, some of the work may not be paid but generating buzz round your name as a writer could be a great way to drive traffic towards your other projects, like a blog or maybe a Medium page.  

Writing Competitions 

Have you ever fancied yourself a poet? maybe you’ve ice skated on the shards of a broken heart or tamed the dragon known as greed to find that the treasure he was guarding was simply your own heart. Regardless of how many poems or short stories you’ve written, submitting some of your best work into competitions could provide you with a big kickback of prize money and in some even a publishing deal. With thousands and thousands of green backs up for grabs it’s worth a shot right?      


In a literary landscape which has shifted and evolved due to the catalysts of social media and online marketing, self-publishing is now a viable option for thousands of writers around the world. If you’ve got a dusty old manuscript sitting in that desk draw, now could be the time to share it with the world. The best thing about self-publishing as an income stream is you’ve already written the book! All you need to do to ensure it keeps selling is promote the hell out of it! Twitter, Instagram, Medium, WordPress, Goodreads, Facebook. All of these platforms are the perfect place to generate hype and buzz around your book. With eBooks slowly but surely becoming the norm you don’t even have to create physical copies! Self-publishing your work has never been easier as it is now.

What do you Think?

Have you guys tried any of these income streams? Let me know down in the comments, if there’s anything I’ve missed let me know about that too!